Basic pixhawk question


I just started with a pixhawk project so im kinda new with this stuff.

I have a question/problem with the relays on the pixhawk.
I cant get them to work.

i got a relay connected to AUX pin 5 and 6, in advanced params the first relay pin (RELAY_PIN) is AUXOUT5 and the second relay pin (RELAY_PIN2) is AUXOUT6.
on both pins i have a relay connected and in mission planner under Servo/Relay when i press Low, High or Toggle i will get no response on the multimeter.
These are the relays iam using
Relay 1

The pixhawk is connected to a LiPo battery with a power module

if read the doc about relays 3-4 times and looked on the forum if anyone else has this problem.

i realy hope someone can tell me what iam doing wrong.

sorry for the bad english.

Thanks alot!!

EDIT: thanks to a post on the forum with some really helpful tips I think I got some new results,
I connected a Led to the relay and assigned the joystick button set relay, I can see the the led slightly dimming when I press the button, can it be that the relay is not getting enough power?
When I connect a servo to it and assign a function to it I can get it to move a bit.