Rc pass through not passing thorugh

I’m trying to setup aux pins 4 & 5 as pwm outputs straight from the taranis. I already managed to setup pins 2 and 3 as rc pass through pins but now I’m at 8 channels used and nothing is working. I’m using a 12 channel UHF and the channels are setup in the taranis but it’s not showing up in mission planner.

I read somewhere that pins 5 and 6 are relay pins but I’m not sure if that means it’s impossible to send a pwm signal through them. In the parameter list I have servo 12 function ( which I believe is pin 4) set to 59 (which should be channel 9) but there’s still no response.

In the radio calibration page it displays up to radio 14 but only up to radio 8 will react to switch inputs, the rest just display zero. Is there any way to enable them in the parameter tree or something? I feel like I’m missing something obvious but I couldn’t find the answer in other forums.

Mission planner version: 3.6.3

What firmware are you using?

mission planner 1.3.57 build 1.3.6777.19762

any tips would be amazing thanks,

Ok. I’m guessing you’re using ArduPilot, not PX4. The ArduPilot forum is discuss.ardupilot.org
The problem you describe is basically to do with enabling those pins, but the ArduPilot folk will help you over at their forum