Aux channels px4

Hi Guys, we have a quadcopter using pixhack v5 and have initially ben testing it with ardupilot. In Ardupilot I can set all 6 Aux channels to be used with different switches on the radio.

In PX4 ive managed to get 2 Aux pins working but I need at least 5 at the moment. how can I enable Aux 3 to 6? can I use parameter tuning chennels in Qground control

I don’t think more than two (or three ?) aux ports are supported. @bkueng can you clarify?

You can directly set the parameters RC_MAP_AUXx, there are also 6.

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Thanks guys. I managed to get 4 working by disabling the mnt parameters

What does mnt parameters mean ?

I’m no expert but maybe look here.

Good luck.

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