Antenna Tracker Help

Hi everyone. I’m new to PX4 or any of the previous versions. I am starting to install it in one of my long range wings that I designed and built. (42", 3D Printed Carbon Fiber PLA)

I am using TBS crossfire and have been using an antenna tracker ground station. The components are from ImmersionRC, EZ Antenna Tracker, EZOsd GPS. The GPS coordinates are communicated to ground station through the right side audio feed on the VTX using some sort of morse code/audio tone telemetry protocol.

Is anyone aware of a way to have the PX4 output the GPS coordinates using this same audio method? I know the EXAntenna tracker system is old and discontinued, but it’s the only system that I am aware of.

If there are other ways or antenna tracker systems, I would love to hear from anyone that is/has used them.