Alternatives of pixfalcon

Hello all,

I’m doing a project with pixfalcon.
It is small, (powerful), with relatively well extendability.

But it is not selling any more, so I want to find some alternative PX4 flight controllers.

If you have any suggestions I would highly appreciate.

Thank you!
Could you please tell me the pros and cons comparing with pixfalcon?

Well, Pixfalcon has 8 pwm outputs while MindRacer has 6. So if you are flying 8-rotors airframes then MindRacer obviously not good for you.

Except of that, MindRacer probably a much more modern design on all other aspects. Excellent modularity and expandability make it fits into micr-grade indoor frames to large outdoor vehicles.

Detailed illustration can be found in this post

Note that it is not mandatory to use the stackable sockets and related accessories. It is offered as an option.

Thank you very much!