Alternative ESC calibration method for NAVIO2 with px4 flight stack

I am using Navio2 with px4 flight stack and every time i try to takeoff my drone in Stabilize mode it tries to flip. I am assuming that this is an issue where ESCs are not calibrated. I have performed one-by-one ESC calibration when they are just connected through a receiver and from the looks of it, after the calibration all ESCs look and sound calibrated. Therefore once i connect the ESC wires to the NAVIO and try to fly my drone, it tries to flip. It looks like 2 of the motors spin much faster than the other 2 which makes it look like they are still uncalibrated. I know that the ESC calibration through QGC is not supported on NAVIO, but is there any other alternative? i have been stuck on this problem for a while and I dont want to switch to APM flight stack(which by the way works perfectly fine).
Does anyone have any sort of advice for me or at least can tell me if I am looking in the right direction here.
Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance