Airspeed feeding to PX4 via MAVLink

Dear all,

I have been looking for the possibility of sending the airspeed value, or alternatively static and total/dynamic pressure values directly to PX4 through MAVLink from the companion computer rather than from an I2C airspeed sensor.

I couldn’t find the appropriate message at the MAVLink protocol. Does anybody have any potential solution to this?


Via Mavlink I guess you will have to define a custom message and tweak the firmware to work with this–which may result on an amazing new feature and it’s complex

I would try to use the analog inputs the same way analog airspeed sensors work, by mapping airspeed value to a voltage (or emulate an I2C device but I don’t know how I2C airspeed sensors work)

Thanks josezy!

Feeding magnetic heading is also possible with the way you suggested.