Airspeed ask for recalibration

I fly a Pixfalcon with a Drotek digital airspeed sensor on my Z-84 wing. It works well. But with almost every bootup, Qgroundcontrol says that the airspeed sensor is not calibrated. It doesn’t make any difference weather the airspeed sensor is covered during bootup or not. After recalibration in the field, it works again. But often it will ask for recalibration on the next bootup.
Ideas for a solution would be appreciated.

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@Thrane, I’m having the exact same issue with QGC v3.4.1 and PX4 v1.8.0, were you able to figure out what causes this?

@Thrane Hi, which sensor are you using? Some of those airspeed sensors are quite sensitive to temperature, it’s then actually a good process to relcalibrate the sensor go get accurate airspeed readings.
If the temperature doesn’t change between bootups, then it might be something else.

I used a SDP3x from Drotek for quite some time and this one has internal temperature compensation and never requires to recalibrate. I would recommend you to get one of those if possible; you will also benefit for accurate airspeed readings at low speed.