Adding serial passthrough support ,pixracer,qgc,px4 stack

is it possible to add the serial passthrough tool to qgc ?

i recently spoke with Daniel Agar about this serial passthrough idea and he said it is possible to do, and if there is a dev willing to take on the project he could provide some help pointing them in the right direction , I do not have any programing experience outside of cnc machinery so i am useless to this project ,outside of bring the idea to the table. this isn’t an original idea i found it by watching videos on cleanflight and betaflight

The relevant Mavlink message is SERIAL_CONTROL ( It’s already implemented on the PX4 side, but only for the system shell.

For devices like an OSD that receive mavlink from the firmware this could fit nicely within the mavlink module. In other cases it’s a bit more work because the regular process using that serial port would first need to be stopped.

Other than an OSD how do you think you’d use this?

ESCs programing and editing without the need to remove a single screw or plug for the rc model
would work nicely in a race situation where you might need to reprogram your ESCs example you want to turn off" lightdampen " or “change the timing of the motor” or other setting, you wouldn’t need to take the rc apart , only need to plug a usb into the flight controller

This is very useful feature of clean & betaflight actually.
I am also thinking of implementation of this feature.

very cool i hope this px4 project starts ramping up progress on working in some of the newer features that r out like this dshot and serial passthrough , looking forward to the canbus stuff to

i will help out in anyway i can , i view the pixracer like a car enthusiast would an exotic car like a Lamborghini and want to see it hit its peak performance