Adding path-planning to a hexacopter simulation in Gazebo


we have created a hexacopter simulation with Gazebo and ROS as part of our research project. The simulation also creates an octomap of the simulation environment. Now we would like to implement path planning around the recorded octomap to the simulation, ideally based on the global planner or local planner, but so far we haven’t been able to find a simple tutorial or other form of documentation that gives us a nice place to start. I have tried to analyze the source code of the global planner, but it’s a lot and progress is slow. Is there a better way to do it and if yes - can someone point us into the right direction?

Many thanks.

@hsu-ret You can look at how PX4/avoidance implementation is done for both local and global planners. The global planner uses a octomap, so it might be quite similar to what you are looking for