Adding driver file problem

Dear all,
I want to add a new sensor driver in src/drivers. However, when I add the sources files in the folder and modify CMakelist.txt and start compiling, it gives the following errors:

Failed reading file: /home/luhang/Firmware_new/src/drivers/vcs/vcs_api.h, skipping content.
Failed reading file: /home/luhang/Firmware_new/src/drivers/vcs/vcs_api.c, skipping content.

in which vcs is the name of the sensor. I suppose these sources are not involved in compile. I cannot figure out why. Please help me out. Thanks.

That message is coming form the PX4 parameter srcscanner -

Maybe an encoding issue?

Thanks for the reply. It is very weird, since it is a very simple file with little codings. Maybe it is because I edited in windows7 and uploaded to a ubuntu server that causes this problem. I still cannnot fix it.

hey, I meet this problem recently, it is encoding issue, because of the default encode in windows is not utf-8, so you need to transform it into utf-8 in linux or mac os by using vim editor.
:set fileencoding=utf-8
Problem solved !