Adding Additional DroneCAN Control Surfaces to the Multicopter (Generic Quad) Airframe

Hi! I am trying to add more than just 4 motors to my multicopter airframe. I am assuming this is something that needs to be modified in the code, but I was wondering if this is possible.

Some more context: I am using the UAV Toolbox from MathWorks, which only supports the Multicopter or Fixed-Wing Airframes from QGC. However, I am using a VTOL aircraft (for which I am building a custom flight controller). All this to say, I was hoping to know where in the code I can modify the number of control surfaces to allow up to 20 additional UAVCAN servos under the Multicopter airframe.

Essentially, this would be such that I get a menu with more than the traditional 4 motors in the “Actuators” panel in QGC.

In the attached picture is the VTOL Airframe “Actuators” panel for UAVCAN actuators in QGC. So I would want to create this under the Multicopter airframe, and instead of Servos 1-8, it would be Servos 1-20.