About offline maps


I’m new to drones and I’m a user, not a programmer. I think this community of developpers and experimentors is fantastic and I tought I’ll give it a try.

As a newbee (and again not at all a programmer) I would say it is difficult to follow all what you do here. I read all the user’s guide and it seems to me that it’s been made by and for people who already know what to do. If I get better at this, maybe I will participate and make an idiot guide to QGC. I would be calified for that…

For now I’m stuck with this issue:

When I go to offline maps - add new set, I get the page with a map and some sliders to adjust zoom. I’m trying to get just about 1 sq km of area thinking it will take less disk space. But when adjusting the zoom sliders I get a message stating “too many tiles”. How come there is too many tiles in a small area ?

In the default set there’s only 1,422 tiles but from a very large area. What good is it to save a few tiles of a large area and not been able to crop in it when planning offline ?

I dont understand the cropping action of the sliders and theres only a few words about that in the manual.

Also it seems it would be easyer to be able to save the set of maps in use directly from the “plan” view.

Thank you for your help.