A new Android-based GCS for PX4 Drones: UMT LaunchPad

Hello everyone,

I am proud to present UMT LaunchPad

UrbanMatrix Technologies is a Bangalore, India, based drone tech company. We have been manufacturing drones for the past few years, and while doing that we realized that most ground stations available for PX4 and Ardupilot were great for drone engineers but too complex for end-users. Therefore, we started developing our own proprietary GCS 2 years ago.

Today we are making LaunchPad open for all. It is available on the Google Play Store. Use it, break it and give us feedback.

UMT LaunchPad makes mission planning extremely simple. You can plan and execute a survey mission within 30 seconds.


Nice work and thanks for sharing. I will definitely give it a try. You have the cloud console also that looks promising. I will inquire about that, I am incorporating a 4g modem in my build. It’s great to see other than china in the market place, also here in the US the cloud console choices are expensive.

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Thanks @local_ad for the support. Actually, were making our own 4G enabled Companion Computers too. Plug and play for PX4 drones. We’ve been developing them for the past 2 years for our drones. And now we’re working on commercializing them. LaunchPad, the Companion Computer and the Cloud Console provides a full drone control suite for drone manufacturers.

We’re also making tutorials for LaunchPad.

More videos will be updated soon. And guides are also on the way.