Weekly Dev Call of November 7, 2016


  1. new maintenance team list: https://github.com/px4/firmware#maintenance-team

  2. update from core team on logging and flight report workflow

  3. discuss transition to new logger on fmu-v2

  4. status of flight modes issue: https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/issues/3967

  5. discuss mixer enhancement PR: https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/pull/5287 (any reports on TPA usage?)

  6. discuss mixer trims PR: https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/pull/5720

  7. discuss 6DOF acro mode and attitude sequencing PR: https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/pull/5498 and related sysid maneuver PR: https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/pull/5754

Please add points that you would like to talk about.

7PM Zurich time
mumble server address: sitl01.dronetest.io, port: 64738


  • VTOL landing backtransition is much improved with weathervaning

  • flight log download via QGC is working well; need to follow through on “smoothing the logging and flight report workflow” as discussed in last week’s call

  • STM32F427 with rev3 silicon is in most Pixhawks manufactured recently including Pixhawk1/2 but we’re still using the same build config with the 1MB flash constraint. We discussed options for supporting newer boards without breaking legacy configurations. Note that Pixhawk2 is currently supported using runtime identification of sensors which differentiates it from Pixhawk1, but retains the 1MB flash constraint.

  • Options to further reduce flash usage for fmu-v2 below the 1MB limit for legacy boards include removing default UAVCAN compilation, dropping INAV (LPE is now the default for multicopters) and eliminating the MPU9250 driver, since the Pixhawk1 has only the MPU6000.

  • discussed the new PR adding trim parameters which override the hardwired offsets in mixers; should look into whether we can save any resources by eliminating offsets from mixer definition files without breaking legacy configs.

  • there are 2 open PRs which add the capability to execute pre-programmed maneuvers useful for system identification purposes

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