Weekly Dev Call of November 28, 2016

Here are the dial-in details

Any feedback on Intel Aero compute board?

Beat will provide feedback on Aero - in general its ready to go in master and we’ve re-tuned the controllers, so it yields good out-of-the-box performance and is generally ready-to-go.

More dev call items:

  • Release 1.5.1 (we skip 1.5.0 since the RC for it is pretty old by now and we need to reflect the change since then)
    • No additional features, just minor fixes
    • Test flights going well so far
  • Release 1.6
    • STM32F7 support
    • Hard fault logging support
    • NuttX upgrade
    • Needs a ton of validation
  • Test flights coordination
    • Test manager?
  • RTPS support
    • Forming a working group for RTPS support on Linux
    • Starting implementation
  • Board support
    • Intel Aero shipping soon, completely supported, documentation on http://dev.px4.io
    • FMUv3 / Pixhawk 2: Fully supported on master for Rev 3 Pixhawks and Pixhawk 2
    • FMUv4-PRO / Pixhawk 3 Pro: Working with Drotek on finalizing
    • FMUv5 / STM32F7: Code running on Colibri from TBS, driving towards first test flight
    • AUAV x2.1: Ongoing