Week 47 Report November 19 - November 23 2018

PX4 development testing done by the Dronecode Test Team

Total Flights: 95

PR’s (Assigned / Tested) 2

uORB replace ORBMap with linked list #10887

boards organization #10875

Issues reported: 0

Vehicle Status:

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@Tony3dr are we in contact with Aerotenna regarding issue 9917?

@JingerZ, Yes they are aware of the issue. The last contact we had was 9/11/2018, via email. We sent an email to Dave and Zongbo from Aerotenna.

  1. The new bash startup scripts require a slightly different installation. We need updated install helpers and documentation.
  2. We should probably be building a PX4 package with the binary, startup scripts, airframes, and system init rather than relying on manual setup (copying a collection of files and writing into rc.local).
  3. The driver spamming FIFO Count (likely a startup issue).
  4. Various mission issues.

@dagar suggested we need a developer with an Ocpoc to work through a few issues.