VTOL Tailsitter Duo custom mixer

I built a Tailsitter Duo but added a V-Tail to the airframe. I have been experimenting with building the code with a modified mixer to allow for pitch and yaw to be controlled by the V-Tail. The problem I have is no yaw control from the V-Tail mixer. The elevator portion works perfect. I am wondering if somewhere in the code the Generic Duo Tailsitter configuration only allows for elevons and does not allow me to specify a Yaw controller in the mixer.

Hi @Tim_Lange,
Did you by now solve your problem? I think it is indeed as you also mention it, that the code currently only supports elevons and not a rudder. For that to work some changes in tailsitter.cpp and the mixer would be necessary. If your project is still on and you need some help I’m happy to assist you.

I did make some changes to the code which did resolve the issue I had. I have run into another problem related to the mixer file. When I edit the existing mixer file to define the elevons only as ailerons and then add the V-Tail mixer only 1 side of the V-Tail works. It seems as though I am over complicating the mixer file or am at the limit for mixer file size. As a work around I have moved the V-Tail mixer to the aux channels with an aux mixer. Any thoughts on why I cannot get this to work all in a single Main mixer file?

I think that you would get some error message if you’re really above the max size of the mixer (not sure though). Happy to try it out myself if you share the not working MAIN mixer here (or a screenshot would would already suffice).