Vtol simulation in ros

hello,I want to know how does the vtol fly to the specified point in the fixed wing mode in the vtol simulation? I will describe my problem:
After the VTOL took off in multicopter mode and hovered, I sent the target position in the ENU coordinate system (x=30, y=30, z=30) to mavros via the /mavros/setpoint_raw/local topic, and this process lasted for 5 seconds. Then, I switched the flight mode to plane. Why did the aircraft not fly to the position I specified, but instead kept circling around the takeoff point as the center?

I just want to know the sequence of operations in the simulation using topic publishing to enable vtol to successfully fly to the specified point in plane mode

Can someone help me? Thank you so much!

I changed my approach and first tried to control the vtol using offboard mode in the VTOL’s multirotor mode. Why can’t the VTOL switch to offboard mode, regardless of whether it’s in multirotor mode or fixed-wing mode?