Using more than 8 motors with UAVCAN


Could somebody pls point me on how to allow more than 8 motors to work with UAVCAN?

There is a comment on that in UAVCAN module stating one group (I believe this is an output group as per docs) is limited to 8 outputs max.

  1. Which are the steps to add support for more than 8 motors?

  2. Does output group strictly associated with output device like /dev/pwm_output0, /dev/pwm_output1, /dev/uavcan/esc etc? Or one such device could be used by multiple output groups?

  3. Why pwm_out_sim module is perfectly fine about 16 outputs in mixer file with single ouput device (with this command in init script: pwm_out_sim mode_pwm16)?

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So with some dirty hacks it worked but this is not a clear solution. Too many stuff in code rely on this 8 motors max restriction.

uavcan_main.cpp and esc.cpp are subjects to some small changes in order to make this work. Still this is a hack not a solution.

did you find a solution to this problem? I would be also interested, thanks!