Use of qDebug in QGC

Hey all,

When developing a plugin I use qDebug() to output debug information. However, in some cases qDebug() doesn’t appear to actually work.

The example here is the adjustIncomingMavlinkMessage() function in the CustomFirmwarePlugin - for some reason none of the debug logs run inside this or it’s sister function.

The constructor for the CustomFirmwarePlugin does run, so from what I understand this above function should be called by the system when MavLink messages arrive from the connected vehicle. There is a BlueROV connected to the system when built.

So is there a reason that qDebug() won’t log from certain functions like this one? Or is it indicative of some other issue with my setup - ie is the function not actually being called?

Thanks for your help!

Solved - my CustomFirmwarePluginFactory was not allowing the correct firmware. Connected to an Ardusub vehicle, but using the example plugin’s MAV_AUTOPILOT_PX4 firmware instead. Changed to MAV_AUTOPILOT_ARDUPILOTMEGA and a few other factory changes, all functions now working as intended.