Upload logs on AWS

how to integrate backend code such that the log data of every second is uploaded to aws cloud service?
i am a noob at qgc but i am working on a project where i need to modify source code such that the generated logs are automatically uploaded to the amazon cloud server for required processing.

please help

Hi Dhruv,
I need help with the same, please let me know if you have any way out for this.

you can use aws sdk but there is some problem with aws sdk in windows,though it works well with linux, not checked with mac.

I think these tips will help you given below

Create server and administrator AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles to use with the CloudWatch agent. The server role allows instances to upload metrics and logs to CloudWatch. The administrator role creates and stores the CloudWatch configuration template within the Systems Manager Parameter Store.

Attach the server role to any Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances that you simply want to upload your logs for.

Attach the administrator role to your administrator configuration instance.

Download and install the CloudWatch agent package using AWS Systems Manager Run Command. within the Targets area, choose your server instances and your administrator instance.

Create the CloudWatch agent configuration file on your administrator instance using the configuration wizard. Store the enter the Parameter Store. Record the parameter store name that you simply choose.

To apply the configuration to the server instances and begin uploading logs, start the CloudWatch agent using Systems Manager Run Command.

For Targets, choose your server instances.

For Optional Configuration Location, enter the parameter store name that you simply chose within the wizard.
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