Understanding Telemetry Log from QGC


My company purchased a drone that uses Px4 and QGC,
I have been able to change the telemetry logs to download as CSV.

Looking at the CSV file some of the columns are more obvious than others as to what data is present.
I have been trying to find some kind of manual that can say what each columns units / meaning is, but the QGC manual simply states that there are logs from what I`ve seen.

Does anyone have a more accurate manual, or knows what each column represents?

I’d suggest copying the top few rows here or attaching the file - might make it easier for people to infer the values for you if there is no documentation (I suspect there is not).

FYI for general log analysis you might start by looking at Flight Reporting | PX4 User Guide

Hello @hamishwillee , I thank you for the suggestion.
In the past I have used the Flight Analysis Tool, however that mostly gives out nice visual graphs with a little bit of explanation.

My engineering team wanted that particular data converted into a csv. Although slightly different, the telemetry data seemed to suffice but as I mentioned certain units are unclear and there is no definitive manual.

One of the logs I have attached, from what I know about the device the standard information should be recorded except for the battery temp.

I don’t actually know - my advice was to post in the first few rows so that someone who did know would find it easier to help you. The file Photogrammetry.xlsx does not look like CSV to me, or I would post those headings here.