Unchanged Torque_Setpoint_Roll despite Undershoot in Vehicle_Rates_Setpoint/Roll


I’m trying to understand the parameters influencing torque_sepoint_roll. Specifically, I’m puzzled as to why vehicle_angular_velocity/xyz.00 (measured roll rate of my aircraft) undershoots the setpoint vehicle_rates_setpoint/roll at 41.02 seconds “a lot” without a subsequent positive change in torque_sepoint_roll to compensate.

As far as I know, the parameters influencing this are FW_RR_D, FW_RR_FF, FW_RR_I, FW_RR_IMAX, FW_RR_P, and due to the scale controllers, FW_AIRSPD_MIN, FW_AIRSPD_TRIM, FW_AIRSPD_MAX, along with TAS and IAS.

Have I overlooked any parameters? What could potentially cause torque_setpoint_roll to remain unchanged?

Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks!