Three-axis gimbal camera

The Z30Pro gimbal is a high-definition night vision gimbal mounted product developed and produced by MMC. The pod integrates a 30x enhanced optical lens zoom and a 4 million-pixel high-quality star-level optical module to ensure that customers can get it at different multiples. More excellent image quality experience; adding powerful sensor device anti-shake technology to the camera can ensure that the drone can obtain stable video images even in strong winds and high-speed flight; it can be used in public security, fire protection, power line inspection, petrochemical, environmental protection and other fields

The pan/tilt can rotate up to 600°
30X enhanced optical lens
Super image stabilization
Halo suppression
 Excellent night performance
Support wide dynamic mode
 Support electronic zoom
Support fog mode
Auto noise reduction mode
pixel: 400W
video output:1080P60/1080P30/2K30
focal length:f = 6.5 mm - 162.5 mm
Horizontal field of view:58.1° 至 2.3°
Operating temperature:-20 °C +60 °C

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