There is no option for a custom Mapbox map or any other way to include a custom map

Hi, I’m using the latest Mapbox version (2021-08-31) on a Windows 10 machine. I know you can change the basemap/backround map under Application Settings → Miscellaneous → Map Provider/Map Type.

  • Unfortunately, the Mapbox provider is not working / it’s not showing a map at all. Other providers like Bing or Google are working fine.
  • There is also an option for a “Custom” Mapbox Map Type but I could not find a way to define the URL for my personal mapbox map.
  • The same is true for the option “CustomURL” under the option Map Provider.

The background for this question is, that I need a custom map in the backround with contour lines for a detailed flight planning since there is no option in QGC to include own DEM data, for areas were there is no SRTM coverage. The easiest option would be a support for the Geotiff format - you could make you own maps with QGis and export them as a geotiff. An option would also be to create own map tiles with Global Mapper and import them in QGC as it is possible with Mission Planner. Because both options are not available in QGC, the only way I saw that should work is to use a custom Mapbox map as I done it with Dronesmadeeasy’s Map Pilot. But this option seems to be buggy as I listed above.

So, if you know any way to include own custom maps or to solve the Mapbox bug I would be very grateful.

Best regards,