The vscode can't find the correct .json file

I use vscode to edit the px4’s code.However it suddenlly can’t find the definition of the function. And it comes with the warning:
“${workspaceFolder}/build/nuttx_px4fmu-v3_default/compile_commands.json” could not be found. ‘includePath’ from c_cpp_properties.json will be used instead."

It seems it is missing the correct compile file with .json ending.How could I fix the issue?

Thank you!

Did you add the json file (if it’s new) to the resource files that are in the top directory? You’ll see some files there that have to get updated with new json, qml, etc to get everything to be included in the release package.


I just open the px4’s folder “Firmware” with vscode. It worked very well before.And I don’t know why it can’t find the correct “.json " file suddenly.I can’t find any”.json"file in px4’s Firmware folder.Where can I find the correct ".json"file for px4’scode to fix the issue?Thank you!