The drone crash dont know exact reason

I am using PX4 for first time, the drone takeoff and crash after sometime I don’t what is exact reason, here is the log file

Can you give a bit more info. “crash” doesn’t say much. Did it flip?

It looks like you’re using a really old version of PX4 (v1.11). I strongly suggest that you try v1.14 next.

Looking at the log, there seems to be quite a bit of mag interference which might have lead to the drone switching to Descend mode. I think PX4 v1.14 would cope much better with this failure case but anyway you probably need to use an external mag that comes with most GPS receivers, and mount it far away from power electronics, e.g. on a stand.

Also see: Magnetometer (Compass) Hardware & Setup | PX4 Guide (main)

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