Takeoff denied! (mav_cmd_nav_takeoff temporarily rejected)

Hi everyone,

I´m having trouble trying to take-off remotely my hexacopeter and I can’t find a solution. Please help!

-I’m using a Pixhawk 4 with Generic Hexarotor Airframe.
-with a Jetson Nano as a companion computer that communicates with the Pixhawk via MAVROS.
-The Jetson has WiFi and I receive all the telemetry on my Laptop where I’m running QgroundControl.

I can Arm the drone, see the telemetry, configure the drone, load missions… all via WIFI, so the communication seems to be fine.

But the moment I push the take-off button (after arming) I get this error message:
Takeoff denied please disarm and retry! (mav_cmd_nav_takeoff command temporarily rejected.


I have tried with GPS lock, changing the COM_ARM_WO_GPS and trying without GPS, loading a simple mission… and nothing, the error keeps appearing.

Does anyone know what could be preventing the Pixhawk to take-off?

Please, If you have any idea, don’t hesitate to contact me, I don´t know what else to do…
Thank you very much.