SYSTEM TIME GPS time and boot time


Is it possible with MAVSDK to obtain in the same message the GPS time (time_unix_usec) and the boot time (time_boot_ms) like the SYSTEM_TIME message in QGroundControl?

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What are you trying to achieve? Trying to understand the question behind the question…

I’m asking because the SYSTEM_TIME message is currently not supported. To add it, I would have to understand what the purpose is, or how it’s used.

My goal it to have the trajectory with the GPS timestamp associated.
It is necessary since we have another system with data with GPS timestamps.
We would like to have all data referred to GPS time.

With SYSTEM_TIME, I would have a GPS time associated with boot time and I would be able to associated the boot time of attitude and position with the GPS time.
Would it be possible?

Ok, I understand. Timestamping and time sync is a bit of a lacking topic in MAVSDK.

The only thing available. right now is:

MAVSDK/telemetry.h at e45d1f8567fd37802f246f91e3700d63fcc210f3 · mavlink/MAVSDK · GitHub which is set from UTM_GLOBAL_POSITION.

It probably would be worthwhile to have proper time sync and time stamps. PRs welcome! :slight_smile:

Until then, I can recommend the method mentioned above, or use MavlinkPassthrough and subscribe to SYSTEM_TEST using that.

Ok yes I managed to solve the problem with MavlinkPassthrough.
But yes I think I would open anyway a pull request to have SYSTEM_TIME in MAVSDK that can be important for GPS time synchronization.

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