Switching control from tx to companion

Hi all,

Is there a way to switch control during flight, let´s say we arm and takeoff from a tx, then duing flight we switch control to our onboard companion, which communicates with a QGC over UDP. We would like to be able to use joystick mode from the QGC computer.

@DrDrone You can use offboard mode

Problem is that we can´t activate offboard mode. Every other flightmode works, execpt offboard.

Are you sending control commands at a fixed rate to the commander? It should be receiving command at 10 Hz I think, continuosly. If not, it goes out from OFFBOARD mode.

Well, from the tx I have set one flight mode to OFFBOARD. I can never choose this mode from the switch. My thought was that when this mode was activated, the FC would start taking commands from the companion computer?

If you read Offboard example from PX4 dev guide, it states that you have to be publishing commands at 2Hz or higher in order to avoid the PX4 timeout. Make sure you are sending setpoints back to PX4 at a reasonable rate.