Support of Kakute F7 mini v3


Is there any plans to support the Kakute F7 mini v3?
It’s a really tiny and pratical flight controller, and a support would benefit the community.



What happens if you flash the normal kakuteF7 image?

Hi @j_p,

Thanks for the quick reply @j_p, I followed the steps in there:,
When I flash the bootloader, the board is stuck in DFU mode I believe, and I cannot see the USB in /dev/tty.usbModelXXX anymore.
I can push the button, connect to betaflight and reflash it again afterwards to unbricked the board

When I directly connect the board to qgroundcontrol after it’s flashed with betaflight:
It stays a couple of seconds in this mode:

And then show this:

Let me know if I can try something (if you do a branch on the bootloader code for instance, I can try it for you).



Have you tried DFuSe Demo?
It has a button to leave DFU mode.

Hi @jimdgit,

Nope I haven’t tried, but after I flash the bootloader for kakute f7 and cannot see the USB device anymore, do you think that with DFuSe demo I would be able to see the device and flash PX4?


The v3 uses an f722 processor, which is not supported (insufficient flash). The v2 uses an f745, which is.