Strategies for Replacing QGroundControl Desktop UI with React or Vue.js Web Interface

Hello Community,

I’m exploring the possibility of replacing the desktop UI of QGroundControl, with a more modern web interface built with React or Vue.js. The goal is to make the application more accessible and provide a seamless user experience across different platforms without compromising on the functionalities and performance offered by the current Qt/QML based desktop interface.

  1. Feasibility:Given QGroundControl’s complex functionalities, is it feasible to entirely replace its desktop UI with a web interface built in React or Vue.js? Are there specific challenges I should anticipate, especially concerning real-time data handling and visualization?

  2. Integration Strategies: How can we integrate React or Vue.js with the existing backend logic of QGroundControl, which is heavily reliant on Qt? Are there recommended approaches or tools for bridging these technologies efficiently?

  3. Performance Considerations: What are the critical performance considerations when transitioning from a desktop to a web interface for a control software like QGroundControl?