Strange Logging Behaviour

Today I was going for a Night - Testflight.

After Takeoff I had a problem with my Gimbal and wanted to land to check what is wrong. When I landed I suddendly got a drift to the left (about 1m - free field no obstacles, except for some grass). So I switched to Stabilized before touchdown and landed.

Soon after I started again for a roughly 10min Flight. Strangely when I look at the logs:

  1. The first short flight is not logged at all
  2. There are two logs but they are overlapping! They both start at about 21:15:48 but one then ends at about 21:17:01 while the other ends 21:24:xx… The OSD indicated a total Flight time of 9:36mins. I looks like the first log was overwritten by the second but then ended where the old log ended (Flight duration matches somewhat).

I have disabled IO Safety so I just Disarmed and Armed again between the flights.

I’m still using SDLog and a Master Build that is about 1-2 Weeks old (just short before 1.6.0 RC came out).

Not sure what to conclude. We are not seeing this on any other system. What kind of SD card are you using? I would definitely recommend to format it.

I have only seen this once, but then I don’t have many subsequent flights without IO Safty Switch Disarming. I’ll try again. Looked to me like the old File Handle was reused by the second flight and started overwriting the old Logfile until it’s end.

I’ll try to reproduce this, though I’m meanwhile on RC 1.6 and uLog.