STM32F765 bootloader

When i flash the px4fmuv5_bl.bin via JTAG, it work.the green led falsh.

and then,i upload the px4fmu-v5_default.px4,but it does not work.three leds(c6 c7 b1) is off,and the COM port missed after
about 4 seconds.

I find in bootlader, the APP_LOAD_ADDRESS is 0x08008000,but in firmware,the address is 0x08001000.
So i modify it,but when uploading the firmware,it meet a error.

what is the problem?please give me some tips.thanks.

Which hardware do you have? Is it identical to the FMUv5?

thank you for you answer.

the hardware was made according the configure of PX4 src.
it is identical to fmuv5.the com port is mindPX.

So the problems is hardware?or else?

Sorry, it’s not clear where the issue is based on what you’ve said so far. What do you mean the com port is mindpx?

Hi, Maybe I didn’t speak very clearly.

the com port is on windows. this is the picture.

the problem is that I flash bootloader,the com port is Mind PX(pixhawk is PX4 FMU).and than upload the firmware,the QGC show upgrade complete.but the hardware does not work.

this is the picture of pixhawk’s com port.


@dagar Hi

This is the result i debug.

Programs are always looped between up_exception.s and up_doirq.c.

I only use the OSC_IN (PH0,16M) , no use OSC32_IN (PC14,32K).


Did you use any MindPX flight controller before? As only MindPX FC will show that name on com port.
However, There are no official MindPX hardware supporting v5 arch yet.

I did not use MindPX FC before.

I guest the problem is in hardware,next time i will debug what result this problem.

I degbug the src,it can go to os_start,the exception was casused by ctrl + c(Program received signal SIGINT, Interrupt).

com port is showed PX4 BL FMU v5.x in VMware.

Are you saying that your board is not following the FMUv5 pinout?

yes.after bootloader,the hardware doesn’t work.

This is the only pinout we support:

Boards that we support are:

  • Electrically tested on the bench
  • Tested for all software changes
  • Flight tested with hundreds of flight test hours
  • Flown by the core developers

If you do not stick to this pinout, you would need to do all that yourself. We have to focus our resources on the standard hardware.

I would recommend you consider changing your hardware to the standard pinout - then we can support you.


I will debug and change the hardware to the standard pinout.