SPI Air speed sensor

Hello Guys,
I am trying to add a new SPI airspeed sensor onto PX4, i don’t have a driver for the same. Is there any documents i can refer for making driver for SPI air speed sensors.?
Any leads on this could help me.
Thanks in advance

Have a look how other SPI drivers are written, and check how other airspeed drivers look, and then try combining the two.

It is a good idea to have a “console” for that sort of development, e.g. the dronecode probe.

Thanks for writing back.
I will look into this.
Meantime could you let me know if its a good idea to have an SPI based air speed sensor for drone application. I read that SPI has distance limitation.

Hello, I have managed to write driver code for external airspeed sensor on SPI bus. But looks like Mavlink console shows the SPI5 bus even if i physically remove the sensor from external port. Is that normal ?