Spektrum AR8020T with PPM Encoder Signal not working

Our PPM converter is mixing commands given by our Spektrum DX8 transmitter. For instance, Channel 1 and Channel 3 are both bound. We would give a yaw command and it would proceed to give both a yaw and roll command inside the radio calibration. If we give a pitch command, the green bar on the pitch, throttle, and Radio 5 would move. I believe this is caused by overlap in the signal being changed by the PPM encoder making Mission Planner interpret it as on several channels. Our configuration is as follows:

Platform: Quad X frame
Transmitter: Spektrum DX8
Receiver: Spektrum AR8020T 8-channel receiver
The 8 servo wires are plugged into the servo rail on the receiver with the power, ground, and signal wire plugged into the “1” spot. After the encoder, it is plugged into the RCIN slot on the Pixhawk.
Flight Controller: Orange Cube with Pixhawk board.

We have attached a Spektrum satellite receiver to the SPKT input, and the commands come in correctly. Also, we have plugged in the ESCs directly to the servo rail on the receiver and the commands come in correctly as well.

Has anyone run into this issue and resolved it? Please advise.