Some problems with log data

I import the log data into a table and find some problems about it. Just like this picture

1、There is a jump in the data.the first column is Roll angle in rad.You could see that the data is 0.084166(rad) during 180 seconds to 181 seconds,but jump to -0.03587(rad).
2、There are even two data points at the same time of 181091349 us.

Those problems will have an impact on my experiments.
I first think that this may be my log frequency to high,so i down it from 200Hz to 100Hz.But problems remain.Is the log task too low priority?(I use sdlog2, Although I know it was discarded)

Who can tell me how to solve this problem, thank you

Problem solved.This is because the update frequency of vehicle_attitude message is lower than log frequency.The same timestamp maybe the log frequency is too high, reduce the log frequency can solve this problem。