[Solved] 'hrt_call_every' function dont works

Hello. I’m trying to launch ADC module with PXr Firmware. But I cannot understand, why ‘hrt_call_every’ launches only once. As I understood, this starts loop, released with timer interrupts. So… some function (callback) will be processed after defined interval, while timer works. But it does not work - only once and never again. (with adc driver), … until I restarted adc or while ‘adc test’-function works. If I add eternal loop while(1), it works inside loop fine, but I haven’t access to nsh-console. HRT call every dont works continuously. Only once, why???

I even tried add some example (actually change px4_simple_app), adding string like
hrt_call_every(&_call, 1000, 1000, (hrt_callout)&test_callback, NULL);
But this freezes

What wrong in it? How can I test continuous calls with HRT?

How did you verify it isn’t working? Did you put anything in test_callback? Keep in mind these calls are interrupt service routines, so you need to be careful what you do in them.

Thanks. it was hardware issue. I solved PCB mistakes, and now all works fine)