Software Engineering partner : Canopus team

Greetings from the Canopus team,

We’ve compiled many solutions for our clients, each one aims to address the client’s pain points and innovative solutions we developed to solve them.

What kind of solution do we develop?

Mobility & Web

  • Customized GCS development with Automated Flight & Mission Planning
  • Integration of AirMap & MapBox APIs, DJI SDK, Pixhawk, MavLink, and ArduPilot
  • Integration of UTM Systems, Airspace Authorizations, No-Flyzone Alerts
  • CRM system for Admin, Pilot, End Customers to Track Missions, Manage Drones, Assign Missions & Receive Notifications.

AI & Machine Learning

  • Real-time Object Detection for Flight Path Optimization and Collision Avoidance
  • LiDAR-based Infrastructure Inspections, Feature Extraction & Defect Identification
  • Real-Time Intruder and Threat Identification
  • Flight & Device Log Data Analysis for Predictive Maintenance and Failure Prediction

Some of our recent projects were for Kittyhawk, Measure, Aerlologix,Datumate & Skyward, A Verizon company.

Sandeep from Canopus team

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what about Real-time Object Detection

for say, it could be a bird or any obstacle in flight plans.

Greetings sir…

I am working on customization of Q Ground control being a software developer. I had compiled the QGC Code succesfully now I’m trying to add any widget/button in main Map area( around compass widget).
In which file of qml should I integrate the button code(for instance) in Map area?

Any help will be highly appreciated sir.