Smart batteries for drones Kickstarter

Hi all,

We are super excited to launch a Kickstarter campaign for a module BatMon which can convert a regular drone battery into a smart battery. The smart battery interfaces to Ardupilot and PX4. If you’re interested in knowing more about this module please visit the Kickstarter page

Here are the basic specs:

  • Automatic discharging to battery storage capacity
  • No discharge cutoff
  • Open source, design your own case
  • Dual LED, optional buzzer
  • Voltage, current, and temp sensors
  • 64 bit unique battery id
  • OLED display
  • Current battery percentage display
  • Cell balancing, with individual voltages
  • Only 12 grams
  • Compatible with SMBUS, PX4, Ardupilot, and Arduino
  • Integrated coulomb counting


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BatMon has partnered with Titan and all kickstarter backers of BatMon will receive:

  1. 5% discount on all custom and off-the-shelf Titan batteries
  2. Free install of BatMon on Titan batteries

BatMon Kickstarter

We are making a goal to move towards an OpenSource(GPLv3) firmware for BatMon if we get funded AND have enough wellwishers/supporters to hit either of the milestones below:

  1. Atleast 300 total Kickstarter backers of any reward
  2. $10000 total raised on Kickstarter

The project will live as a healthy opensource project if there are enough supporters. Please support and reach out to friends and help us reach the goal.

Kickstarter page

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