Sitl gazebo

The latest release of px4 and sitl as of 15uly doesn’t have tailsitter launch file in still launch directory

I believe it never had a tailsitter launchfile and there are no airframe specific launchfiles

However, you can launch a tailsitter with the already existing launchfiles

But when I am trying to launch sitl using the command

make px4_sitl_default gazebo_tailsitter

The simulator is not able to launch the tailsitter model. But after putting a tailsitter launch file in the world directory from a previous repo, the above process results in two tailsitter models in the gazebo sim.

I don’t think that necessarily mean that we need a roslaunch file for a tailsitter. Are you implying that we should have separate launch files for all vehicle types?

I am not implying anything, my problem is the tailsitter uav is not getting added to gazebo with the above proper command. It is getting freezed with an empty world. I felt the missing of world file in world directories may be the reason. Erlier px4 version (v1.10.0) has the world file.

I have just tested on latest master and the tailsitter example works without any issues.

make px4_sitl gazebo_tailsitter

Thank You, I will check this out. But I got the issue even after cloning the git repo multiple times with the following command:
make px4_sitl_default gazebo_tailsitter