Setting elevon mix

Hi, I’m trying to setup a fixed-wing, pusher with a forward canard wing and elevons on the rear wing (APD by ExperimentalAirlines). Ed, the guy who came up with the design, suggests elevon mix rates of 100% aileron and 50% elevator. With Ardupilot, I think this would be set with the MIXING_GAIN parameter?

The MIXING_GAIN parameter is critical for elevon aircraft. It is the gain used in mixing between roll and pitch output and your elevon movement.

What is the equivalent parameter in PX4?

@danbjoseph for mixing this would be done in a file in the source code before building. it will also depend on the airframe configuration that was chosen for the firmware. Once the mixer file has been edited, the PX4 firmware can be built with the new mixer settings. This is from a small amount of knowledge working with a custom PX4 firmware that needed mixer changes. @dagar you are probably a far better person to answer this question.