[Resolved] Compiling QGroundControl for x86 Android System

Good afternoon,

I have an x86 android device, and I was wondering if it is possible to compile QGroundControl and have it able to run on that device.

I see that QGroundControl can be built for clang multi-abi, clang aarch64, and clang arm by default. What would it take to get it to build for android x86?

I do see in QGCCommon.pri that it does check if the build is Android x86, which makes me wonder if it’s already supported:

        } else:equals(ANDROID_TARGET_ARCH, x86)  {
            CONFIG += Androidx86Build
            DEFINES += __androidx86__
            message("Android x86 build")

Got it building for x86 system by building with clang multiabi

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Did you get the .apk file as well?
I can not get past regular build stage, so no chance for .apk in my case.