[Resolved] Compiling QGroundControl for x86 Android System

Good afternoon,

I have an x86 android device, and I was wondering if it is possible to compile QGroundControl and have it able to run on that device.

I see that QGroundControl can be built for clang multi-abi, clang aarch64, and clang arm by default. What would it take to get it to build for android x86?

I do see in QGCCommon.pri that it does check if the build is Android x86, which makes me wonder if it’s already supported:

        } else:equals(ANDROID_TARGET_ARCH, x86)  {
            CONFIG += Androidx86Build
            DEFINES += __androidx86__
            message("Android x86 build")

Got it building for x86 system by building with clang multiabi

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Did you get the .apk file as well?
I can not get past regular build stage, so no chance for .apk in my case.

Yeah, assuming it builds without fail, it should give you an apk file at the end.

Hi Jnomikos,

I am trying to build QGC for android but the build keeps on failing. Can you tell me the configurations and versions for tools which you used like SDK, NDK?

I am working on Windows 11. Also which QGC version did you clone?

Would be really helpful.


Can you help out?

Sorry for the late reply. Did you figure out the issue?

Sometimes setting up the android environment can be annoying. If you are building for 4.3, follow this dev guide here: QGroundControl Dev Guide | QGC Guide (4.3)

If you are building master, they have moved over to a newer version of QT, so you will need to follow the newest dev guide here: QGC Guide (master) | QGC Guide (master)

Hi @jnomikos

Thank You for replying.

I was able to built it successfully. Everything went well.