Recovering airspeed from raw pressure sensor data

I think I accidentally reversed the connection between the dynamic and static pressure ports for the pitot static tube.

The airspeed (in message AIRSP) recorded in the log is zero. Is the raw data from the pressure sensor logged anywhere so I can recover it by postprocessing?

I tried finding in sdlog2.c but it seems to be set to zero? Running v1.4.1 on PX4FMU-V2

if ( write_SENS )
    log_msg.msg_type = LOG_SENS_MSG;

    log_msg.body.log_SENS.baro_pres = 0;                                  <<<<<< 
    log_msg.body.log_SENS.baro_alt = buf.sensor.baro_alt_meter;
    log_msg.body.log_SENS.baro_temp = buf.sensor.baro_temp_celcius;
    log_msg.body.log_SENS.diff_pres = 0;                                  <<<<<<
    log_msg.body.log_SENS.diff_pres_filtered = 0;                         <<<<<<