Reconnection behaviour for mavsdk

What would be the default reconnection behavior for mavsdk (python) once it loses connection to the connected drone instance? Will mavsdk tries to regain connection automatically in the background or do we need to call drone.connect() again?

Hm, that’s a good question. Which type of connection would this be?

Basically, the first time you connect, it will start mavsdk_server with the connection URL in the background.

mavsdk to drone connection is via wifi UDP, which is found to be quite unstable at the moment.
So there can be a chance that the wifi could drop and reconnect after some time.

As long as UDP comes back, it should continue to work. There is no state with UDP, so whenever messages arrive, they should get picked up. Is your mavsdk_server running on the ground or on a companion computer?

mavsdk_server is running on the ground