Receiving custom Mavlink message

For my project i need to send a custom Mavlink message from a Ground control station to the Pixhawk.
I created the custom Mavlink message and a new uORB topic. Everything is being compiled successful and the message is being sent from the ground station, but when i try to check on QGroundControl, if i receive the message and type “listener groundstation” (that’s the name of my custom message) , i get that the topic was never published. I followed every step from the website , so i hope that somebody from you has any idea how the message can be published.

You need to rebuild QGC with your custom message otherwise the mavlink parser will ignore it.

I have a similar problem. But why recompile QGC? Apparently the error occurs in FlightStack. The shell only asks if the value is published in the FlightStack or not. If you do not want to see the message in QGC, but only want to check with the shell whether the message is published in the FlightStack, a recompilation is not necessary. I think the question (like mine) is about how to insert a new message into the FlightStack.