Send custom message QGroundStation to PX4


We are working on a project to make the FCC that uploaded Custom PX4 Firmware accessible only to certain Custom QGroundStations.

Currently, we are trying to implement the function by comparing the git hash value.

Is there a way to send a message from QGroundControl to PX4?

Or is there an easy way to get PX4 to connect to only certain ground stations?

Thank you in advance.

As a new way to implement the function, I changed the id value of Heartbeat in Mavlink Message from 0 to 3, created a new library through mavlink Generator, applied it to PX4 firmware and QGroundControl, and tried to communicate through USB connection, but it was not recognized.

This issue has been resolved.

The reason why communication was not possible even if the id value of the heartbeat message was changed was because the CRC information did not match.

Use common.xml for PX4, all.xml for QGC, or ArduPilotMega.xml.

But in my case, there was a mistake in QGroundControl. Now PX4 and QGC normally communicate with heartbeats with three id values.

Below is the reference data.