Read Laser Altitude via LUA

Good morning everyone, … I hope it is the correct category

I am new to the forum even if I have been reading for a long time and consult the posts

They are looking for advice;

I have a Cube Orange that incorporates a LUA script for the management of some things including positioning through the classic instructions: GPS: Primary_Sensor () … GPS: Location … Location_UD: LNG ()/Lat () … etc

I need to read the altitude by the Lightware LC20/C laser … Can you advise me the command to be performed for reading this parameter?

Thank you

Lua scripting is something that can be done using ArduPilot, so I’m assuming you’re using ArduPilot (probably with MissionPlanner). However, this forum is for PX4, so we probably can’t help you here.

I would ask over in