Questions about indoor flying with optitrack

I am using pixhawk with six cameras optitrack, my target is use the external position and send position data to pixhawk.

My pixhawk setup: offboard mode, I enable LPE estimator and enable the option mocap in the ATT_EXT_HDG_M parameter. I am using telemetry (TELEM1) with 57600 baudrate to communicate my pc (mavros) with pixhawk.

I have done the following:

Motive to ROS: I am using vrpn node.
I am remapping the vrpn topic to mavros/mocap/pose topic.

My Quiestions are the followings:

Does the topic mocap/pose perform the transformation of ENU to NED coordinates?
Is my drone ready to take off without problems?
Do I need to modify other parameters?


Did you manage to find the answers to your questions ? I’m having the same problems

Wich issues do you have? @Hari_Haran

hey Mario
I think we do the same thing about mavros and optitrack…
i read some code about mavros. u need publish the topic /mavros/mocap/pose in ENU.
and the plugin in mavros_extras would transform it to NED and then send to the FCU.
And the set point in MAVROS also is in ENU.
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Maybe we can exchange our informations more.

hey @potato77

Maybe we are doing a similar project and I agree with your idea of exchanging information.

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Hey @Mario1577,

So my problem is that I’m trying to use ATT_POS_MOSCAP to have x,y and z axis distance using a camera. After finding them how does it get converted to latitude, longitude and altitude in waypoints management using fake GPS ?

Also I have this same question of yours : mocap/pose perform the transformation of ENU to NED coordinates?

Yes, when your send the mocap data to mocap/pose topic, mavros is converting the mocap data to Ned.
I am not using GPS fake but in dev-guide px4 is a tutorial where where they explain how to do fake gps @Hari_Haran

Have you successfully flown your drone indoor?
I am also doing the similar project but communicating with FCU via mavlink-router service instead of a ROS application.
Here is the list of what I have done:

  1. Extracting mocap data from Optirack cameras and send it to the computation board on the drone.
  2. On the computation board, create a Mavlink message of ATT_POS_MOCAP and send it to the FCU via mavlink-router service --> the local position of the drone can be obtained via drone kit python API (vehical.location.local_frame).
  3. Put the drone into MISSION mode, arm the motors, and sleep for 3 sec
  4. Put the drone into OFFBOARD mode and continuously send SET_POSITION_TARGET_LOCAL_NED
    to make it take off (type_mask = 0b0000111111111000 | 0x1000, coordinate_frame = MAV_FRAME_LOCAL_NED, x = 0, y = 0 and z = 0.5 m) until its local altitude is 0.5 and the send a NULL NED (type_mask = 0b0000111111111000, coordinate_frame = MAV_FRAME_LOCAL_NED, and x, y and z are all set to 0.0)

However, it has not worked as I expected. It does take off but continuously climb up after reaching the target altitude and receiving NULL NED message. Could you please point out what I have done wrong?

Hello @Duy_Vu

I think your procedure is correct, I do not see any problem, it should work fine, you tried to do the test without sending the null ned?

Are you using mavros?

Hi @Mario1577,

Thank you for your reply.
If I do not send the null NED, the drone will go out of OFFBOARD mode immediately and behave crazily.
I am not using mavros but mavlink-router to send ATT_POS_MOCAP and NED via dronekit-python to the FCU.